Definitions for "Fourfold"
Four times; quadruple; as, a fourfold division.
To make four times as much or as many, as an assessment; to quadruple.
having four units or components; "quadruple rhythm has four beats per measure"; "quadruplex wire"
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A vague term for any four-way split, used in multiple contexts for RPGs. (1) On RGFA, this was used for an extension of the Threefold Model which added a mode for Social gaming. (2) A reference to the four player types suggested by Glen Blacow, aka the Blacow Player Types.
four times as great or many; "a fourfold increase in the dosage"
by a factor of four; "the price of gasoline has increased fourfold over the past two years"
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A four horse accumulator.
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Four times as many or as much.