Definitions for "Holistic"
A wide-reaching approach to a theory, a task, or a problem that encompasses all the elements of the system because of the interdependency of those elements.
SDCs holistic approach to health considers the basic determinants of health and is designed to improve balance in action for health. The three policy dimensions are the human, the intersectoral and the sectoral dimension of health. The holistic approach encloses all three dimensions in aiming to improve health status.
holistic: synergistic, integrated, balanced, non-traditional perspective. Open to all forms of healing, not just traditional allopathic forms.
Of or related to a view of the natural environment that encompasses an understanding of the functioning of the complete array of organisms and chemical-physical factors acting in concert rather than the properties of the individual parts.
usually used to refer to a wide viewpoint that encompasses a complete picture, not just part of one (eg BlackSpider’s holistic view of the Internet and the email traffic that uses it).
the complete/integrated view/greater than the sum of its parts
focussing on the total person, the reaction to stress and the factors influencing the person's ability to cope with stress and restore equilibrium.
Able to perceive and understand the "big picture" without dwelling on individual elements of an idea, concept, or situation. Can see the wood as contrasted with the trees.
When used in conjunction with financial planning, refers to the consideration of all aspects of a persons financial involvements.