Definitions for "hi-fi"
Keywords:  fidelity, afm, vcr, dubs, stereo
An electronic device that plays phonograph records, reproducing the original sound with a high degree of fidelity. It superseded the older phonographs, and itself is being displaced in popularity by CD players.
A high fidelity sound system, or hi-fi as it is more commonly known, is a piece of equipment that reproduces sound with little or no distortion. You can use a loop system with your hi-fi or television to help increase the level of the sound for you, while keeping the volume to a level that is comfortable for a hearing person.
Most commonly used to refer to the high quality AFM audio tracks recorded by many VCRs. These tracks provide audio quality approaching that of a CD. However, because they are combined with the video signal before recording, audio dubs using them are impossible without re-recording the video.
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