Definitions for "ac3"
Keywords:  dolby, codec, lgorithm, mavens, decoded
This project intends to provide software for the generation of AC3 soundtracks. These soundtracks can be incorporated into videos, animations or as standalone dolby digital CD's.
Digital Audio Compression Standard Specification for coding audio data, used in DVD. The documentation is freely available . (bi-directional) picture Picture decoded from its own data, and from the data of the previous and next (that means in the future) reference pictures (I or P pictures). It is the most compressed picture format, but it is less fault-tolerant.
A compression coding method developed by Dolby Laboratories for multiple channels of audio, which can reproduce a maximum of 5.1 channels, namely, three channels for the front, two channels for the rear, and 0.1 channel (super-woofer) for low frequency reproduction.
In hypoeutectoid steel, the temperature at which transformation of ferrite into austenite is completed upon heating. See Hypoeutectoid Steel, Ferrite, Austenite.