Definitions for "DTS-ES"
DTS-ES is a newer format that gives you 6.1 discrete channels of sound — the 5.1 channels of standard DTS, plus a discrete, full-bandwidth "back surround" channel. That additional channel may be played through one or two speakers, using either a receiver with six-channel amplification, a five-channel receiver supplemented with an additional amplifier, or a powered back surround speaker. The sixth channel of full-bandwidth sound on a DTS-ES soundtrack is discrete, so some consider DTS-ES an improvement on THX Surround EX, which uses a matrixed sixth channel. Currently, only a few DVDs are encoded with 6.1-channel DTS-ES sound. But for DVDs with 5.1-channel DTS soundtracks, DTS-ES processing can generate a sixth matrixed channel for 6.1-channel sound.
DTS launched a new surround format in November 2000. This has come to be known as DTS Extended Surround or simply DTS-ES. The technology has been advanced to include two new home formats DTS-ES Discrete 6.1 format, and DTS-ES Matrix 6.1 ch format, both are able to playback discrete, 6.1-channel content from DVDs and CDs. Both of these formats are compatible with a conventional DTS 5.1 ch decoder. Since DTS adds a third surround channel, the surround back channel, the realism and all-encompassing nature of the sound reaches levels not seen before in home theater.
DTS Extended Surround adds a centre-surround channel to the existing 5.1- channel set-up. DTS-ES brings these soundtracks into the home in DTS quality and is the only home format that can deliver all 6.1-channels discretely. All sounds will be heard, whether played back as discrete, matrix or on a 5.1 system. It is is compatible with all DVD-Video players and is accessible through the digital output. The DTS coding system has a “core + extension” structure. The “core” represents the DTS data as has been known since the first home decoders. The “extension” can carry data for future applications or enhancements of any sort. All DTS decoders recognize and use the core data. Basic decoders ignore the extension data, while advanced decoders can make use of it. The extension for DTS-ES Discrete carries the additional 6th channel and is totally independent of the other channels. DTS-ES Matrixed is the mixing of mono content from the two stereo rear speakers into the rear surround channel in a similar way to Dolby Digital EX