Definitions for "Surround speakers"
Keywords:  prologic, mono, rear, speakers, beside
Refers to the two speakers located beside or behind the listening/viewing position. They help create a three-dimensional soundstage by reproducing the surround information on video soundtracks and music recordings encoded with surround sound. Dolby Pro Logic uses a mono input to the surround speakers, while Dolby Digital sends a stereo signal to give you that extra dimension.
speakers located beside or behind the listener that reproduce the surround channels of surround-sound¬–encoded audio programs.
Used in a Prologic, Dolby Digital or other surround system. In a Prologic system there is typically 5 speakers; centre, front left, front right, and rear left and right carrying the same mono signal. In a Dolby Digital/DTS system the rear speakers carry a stereo signal, and there is usually an additional subwoofer. It is also possible to add additional subwoofers, dipole rear speakers and so on.