Definitions for "Glove box"
A small, enclosed storage area in the front passenger compartment of a vehicle.
A device with flexible, semirigid, or rigid plastic walls used for cultivation of anaerobic bacteria. Bacteriologist must work by way of glove ports, and materials are brought into and out of the anaerobic work area by way of an interchange (Airlock) that can be evacuated and refilled with an anaerobic atmosphere repeatedly until it itself is anaerobic. The interchange has one door leading into the glove box per se and another door to the outside. Some glove boxes have incubators within them. Also called anaerobic chamber or anaerobic cabinet.
a fully enclosed and ventilated containment device fitted with arm holes for attachable flexible gloves which allows work with materials within a contained enclosure
A closed glass, plastic, or metal chamber, with gloves attached to the chamber wall, used for handling hazardous or weakly radioactive materials. Highly radioactive materials require robotic arms and hot cells.
a device for working with chemical , biological , or radioactive materials
a useful device for manipulating vectors, removing them from cages, and so forth