Definitions for "Airlock"
A homebrewing gizmo that sits on top of the fermenter. It lets CO2 gas from the fermenting beer escape, but doesn't let any outside air in. This keeps bacteria and wild yeast out of the beer.
Most commonly a plastic water lock which allows the carbon dioxide produced by fermentation to escape, while preventing the influx of outside air (which may carry infectious microbes). A blow-off tube can also be used as an airlock during primary fermentation.
Used for locking the air out of your fermenter while letting the gases produced by fermentation escape.
Airlock is a Belgium based musical group formed November 1997 notable for their ambient music on several popular TV series: and .
Airlock is a London based digital advertising agency which was founded in early 2001 and is most notable for its work with Diesel (clothing company) and Motorola.
a chamber that provides access to space where air is under pressure
a transition enclosure, a protected entryway in which people pause for a specified period while entering to allow the purging of airborne contaminants introduced when opening the outer door
A chamber allowing entrance to space is pressurized or contaminated, without affecting the environment of the space, or the surrounding area.
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A blockage in a pipe which is caused by trapped air.
a plastic water trap that allows air out, but not in
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