Definitions for "Blockage"
the state or condition of being obstructed
an obstruction in a pipe or tube; "we had to call a plumber to clear out the blockage in the drainpipe"
obstruction; a "clogging" of the bowel
When a baby learns to crawl, for instance, it encounters a wall that blocks its further progress in some direction... in such a case the child is learning part of the meaning of force and of forceful resistance...This pattern of blockage involves a pattern that is repeated over and over again throughout our lives. The relevant gestalt can be represented as a force vector encountering a barrier and taking any number of possible directions.
Keywords:  tense, numb, congestion, ache, feel
Congestion of an area of the body that may ache, be tense, or feel numb.
Keywords:  tricks, master, able, opposite, hand
not being able to make the master tricks in the hand opposite.
Keywords:  queue, callers, entering, call, see
Callers blocked from entering a queue. See Blocked Call.
Keywords:  delays, attempts, finding, meet, access
The number of calls out of 100 attempts that meet delays in finding access.
Keywords:  chain, stages, added, link, well
a stage in the value chain or a link between two or more stages that prevents value being added as well it could be
Keywords:  act
The act of blocking up; the state of being blocked up.