Definitions for "DEGASSING"
Generally, referring to the evacuation of free gasses from the application liquid.
Removal of gases from the mobile phase prior to column injection is important in HPLC to prevnt bubble formation as pressure decreases toward the bottom of the column (causing baseline spikes and noise). Degassing is achieved by heating a solvent, by helium sparging, by using vacuum (in a vacuum flask), or by on-line evacuation from a tube made of a gas-permeable substance.
The opening and closing of a mould to allow gases to escape early in the molding cycle. Also called Breathing. When referring to plastic sheeting, "breathing" indicates permeability to air.
The process of reducing the level of hydrogen in molten aluminum.
The act of reducing the hydrogen level of molten aluminium. It is often used to also remove inclusions as well as reduce the levels of Na and Ca in the molten aluminium.
The intentional but controlled outgassing of a rubber substance or other material.
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