Definitions for "Weather-Stripping"
Keywords:  infiltration, vinyl, sash, seal, door
Flexible metal, rubber, felt, vinyl, or foam materials installed around the moving parts of windows and doors to prevent air leaks.
Variously shaped metal, vinyl, plastic or molded fiber strips that fit tightly against the window or door frame parts to prevent air infiltration through cracks. Cold air entering the house in winter can account for up to 35% of the heating load. Weather-stripping can reduce the load to 20%.
Material such as vinyl, foam, or metal strips installed to seal small cracks around the moving parts of doors and windows. Weather-stripping is designed to block uncontrolled infiltration of cold air through these spaces and sometimes to repel wind-driven rain and moisture. The term weather-stripping often applies to caulking, a compound used to fill in joints and cracks in the house exterior.
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