Definitions for "ClamShell "
Keywords:  thermoformed, hinge, halves, lid, snap
the shell of a clam.
n. the two piece housing (usually plastic) that encases the upper steering column and ignition lock on some automotive applications
A custom thermoformed PVC tray that is typically designed with 2 halves connected with a hinge. A more expensive option, this package is selected by companies who have a heavy or expensive retail item that requires tamper proof protection. These packages can be designed with a hang hole or with a "foot", for a stand-alone option. (Find out more)
Keywords:  zaurii, cxx, diary, factor, form
One of the Zaurii using the diary form factor (SL-Cxx0 or SL-C3000).
A two sided test fixture that opens like a book (clamshell) to accept the printed circuit board or assembly for testing.
Soil excavation machinery with a bucket attachment that can be closed to hold in a load of soil and then open to dump it.
Operating two subwoofers face to face on the same baffle board and electrically out of phase with each other. A type of "compound loading," it allows a subwoofer to operate in a smaller box.
Filler Pattern in the shape of interlocking circle tops.
Filling Quilting pattern with overlapping circular shapes reminiscent of fish scales. The design is often done using a cup or glass to trace.
Keywords:  clamscan, anti, scan, virus, easy
ClamShell gives you an easy graphical tool for running the clamscan anti-virus command line engine. It has built-in reporting of both the scan activity as well as any virus activity found, customization options, and virus definition updating.
Keywords:  bead, tied, knot, finding, closes
a finding that closes up like a clam, usually over a knot tied over a bead