Definitions for "FREE RUN"
Keywords:  juice, crushed, press, stalk, cleanest
The part of the juice that runs freely from wine grapes before pressing.
In wine making, it is the juice that appears after crushing, but before pressing. It is the highest quality juice for wine making.
The juice released after the grapes are crushed. It is usually a higher quality than "press juice", which is obtained by squeezing the grapes.
In Forza Motorsport, the Free Run mode allows you to practice in any car on any track. There are three kinds of Free Run races: Hot Lap, Autocross, and Point-to-Point.
Free run is a method of farming stewardship where the animals are not kept in cages but are allowed to wander around inside an enclosed structure, such as a barn. Unlike free range animals they do not have access to the outside. It is just cheaper than free range, but it is not looked upon as highly as by those concerned about animal welfare.