Definitions for "Extruding"
A process which shapes a piece of metal (typically nonferrous) by forcing the metal bloom, bar, or rod through a die of appropriate shape.
The act of deforming solid aluminium, usually in the form of a cylindrical billet, by pushing it from an enclosed container through a die to form a product of consistent cross section.
A 3D modeling operation where a surface of an object is raised.
(1) The turning up or drawing out of a flange around a hole which has been punched in a previous operation. Also called hole flanging. (2) The punching and flanging of a hole in one operation generating a slug. (3) The cutting or tearing (piercing) and flanging of a hole in one operation without generating a slug. Also called spearing or spear punching.
This is a characteristic whereby product discharging out of a metering auger is compressed, typically discharging in the form of a plugged stream of material.