Definitions for "Punching"
Conversion of artwork into a series of commands to be read by an embroidery machine's computer. Derived from an early method of machine embroidery where paper tapes or jacquards punched with holes representing stitches. Punching technically refers to the method described above, whereas Digitizing technically refers to the modern methods of scanning images and then converting them into sewable designs using computer software. However, the terms often are used interchangeably.
Some sorters, often referred to as finishers, will punch collated and stapled copies for ease of filing e.g. 2/3/4-hole.
see digitising. The preparation of a design for embroidery
The process of forcing a punch through metal into a die, forming an opening.
The process of forming metal components using a punch. The punch is usually the upper member of the complete die assembly and is mounted on the slide or in a die set for alignment (except in the inverted die).
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the act of marking the control card with the punch.
Marking cards with pinpricks.
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Operation to extract the cork from the cork plate with a tool.
The process of re-recording sections of a previously recorded track. The act of starting a punch is called "punching in." Ending a punch is called "punching out." A synonym for "bandwidth."