Definitions for "Sewing Machine"
Any machine that uses a needle or needles to form a stitch by interlocking or interlooping threads through the fabric. Lockstitch sewing machines use a hook and a bobbin thread to form the stitch. Chainstitch, overedge, and safety stitch machines use a looper to form stitches. Blindstitch and some buttonsewers and buttonhole machines use a spreader to form stitches.
a manual or automated machine used for sewing.
a textile machine used as a home appliance for sewing
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a precision instrument whether it is a ninety-nine dollar Brother from Wal-mart or a several thousand dollar New Home or Pfaff from an upscale dealer
a precision piece of equipment, and most repairs should be left to the specialists
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a fine piece of mechanism and requires oiling, just as an automobile does
a mechanical (or electrical) device that joins fabric using
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a must if you plan on doing any amount of home sewing
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a device designed for sewing