Definitions for "Digitizing tablet"
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Flat table-like input device used to enter x,y coordinates into a computer. Usually, a piece of paper (e.g., a map) is placed flat on the table and x,y positions are indicated using a puck (or sometimes a pen shaped cursor).
In computer-aided graphics, a peripheral device used with a pointing device to convert graphics into data that a computer can process.
A digitizing tablet is an input device for obtaining accurate graphics input. It is connected to the microcomputer with a cable and includes some type of pen-like pointing device called a transducer. The tablet has a flat surface with a defined space, or active drawing area, where the operator can place a map, a drawing, or a menu overlay. A pointing device is then used to pinpoint areas within the work space, and the tablet sends coordinate data to the CAD application program. While a mouse reports a relative position based on its last known position, a digitizer returns an absolute location regardless of the last known position of the transducer. Compared to a mouse, a digitizing tablet is more precise and can take samples faster. Also, because the stylus and fixed surface provide for a more natural drawing motion, artists and designers prefer digitizing tablets.
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