Definitions for "Laptop computer"
A portable computer that is light and small enough to be held on your lap.
A small portable computer light enough to carry comfortably, with a flat screen and keyboard that fold together. Laptops are battery-operated, often have a thin,backlit or sidelit LCD display screen, and some models can even mate with a docking station to perform as a full-sized desktop system back at the office. Advances in battery technology allow laptop computers to run for many hours between charges, and some models have a set of business applications built into ROM.
a portable computer small enough to use in your lap
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a fragile creature
a great tool for troubleshooting this sort of problem
an essential tool, but it also creates all kinds of security problems
a perfect tool through which a person can create a helpful and useful daily journal
a much greater challenge than a regular CRT when it comes to the correct ergonomic work environment
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a necessity at many colleges and a nice thing to have at all of them
an expensive piece of equipment -- and thieves love them
an integrated system, and, as such, the device drivers have to be customised for the specifications of the TFT screen , etc
A device invented to force us to work at home, on vacation and on business trips.
a large purchase, so treat it with the attention it deserves
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a must for many students