Definitions for "Exp"
Extirpated. A species no longer existing in the wild in Canada, but occurring elsewhere in the wild.
Extirpated. Any native species no longer existing in the wild in Ontario, but existing elsewhere in the wild.
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Experience points; the basic unit of measurement that leads to char¬acter advancement in most online RPGs. XP is rewarded for completing quests, dispatching foes, and loot collected.
Experience Points Term Explanation
A concept originating from role-playing-games, Exp is short for experience and gives a measure of a characters experience. In some games, the accumulation of experience allows players access to abilities denied to players with limited experience.
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diminutive of Experience
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A file that contains information about exported functions and data items. The Microsoft 32-Bit Library Manager tool (LIB.EXE) generates the exports file from the module-definition (.DEF) file. The linker uses the exports file to build the dynamic-link library (.DLL) file. Exports files have a .EXP filename extension. An external source file, identified at the beginning of a program, that contains commonly used data types and variables used by functions in the program. The # include directive is used to tell the compiler to insert the contents of a header file into the program. See also C++ header file.
Oracle utility used to export data (and schema definitions) from an Oracle database to a proprietary binary file format. This file can be re-imported into Oracle databases across various platforms. Also see IMP.
Exponential. This is an adjustment found on many, but not all, radios. Its hard to understand at first but it alters the ratio of movement in the input (radio) to the output (servo). An EXP of zero means if you move the steering wheel or throttle 50% the servo moves 50% of its travel. Altering the number in the negative direction alters the ratio, so if you more the throttle 50% it may only move the servo 25%. This helps on those days where you are over caffeinated.
Expendables. [page 6] Fast. Troops who move faster and further than average but are worse protected. See troop grades. [page 4
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Exponentiation and logarithms
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(or EX) - Experian. Another CRA.
Executive Platinum on American AAdvantage.
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Experience. See 'XP.'
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Expansion Town
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Express Shipping
The exponential function e^x where e is a constant which is approximately 2.718282.
Exp is a PC program for mathematical typing. It does not support printers.
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Time expired
experience, expansion