Definitions for "Exemplification"
A copy or transcript attested to be correct by the seal of an officer having custody of the original.
An official transcript of a document from public records, made in a form to be used as evidence and authenticated or certified as a true copy, (e.g. exemplification of a judgment).
an official copy or extract by royal officials of another document, eg DOMESDAY BOOK.
Keywords:  ka'shun, em'pla, example, case, point
That which exemplifies; a case in point; example.
es em'pla fi ka'shun example
Eliciting perceptions of integrity and moral worthiness.
a representational or typifying form or model
The act of exemplifying; a showing or illustrating by example.
See illustration.
Exemplification is a mode of symbolization characterized by the relation between a sample and what it refers to.