Definitions for "Recordation"
The act of recording with the county recorder so as to give constructive notice to all of the instruments recorded.
Filing instruments for official public record (and notice) with the County Recorder's Office.
The recording of an instrument in the county recorder's office to give constructive notice of it. Copyright 2002-2006 NoteBuy - a division of GoGuys, Inc. Recourse - The right to claim against a prior owner of a property or note.
Remembrance; recollection; also, a record.
In Hawaii, title to land is recorded in either the Land Court System or the Regular System. Land in either system has to go through probate if it is in the sole name of the decedent. If it is in Regular System, it can be given to the beneficiaries by a simple deed. But if it is in the Land Court System, various court documents must also be recorded.
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Redemption Redemption Period
the legal acknowledgement of a transaction through the filing, or recording, of the transaction's documentation.
The act by which all loans and contracts are recorded locally or federally as standing legal obligations.