Definitions for "TITLE REPORT"
Title is ownership and ownership is bundle of rights. A title report will show who holds the title and if there are any exceptions to free and clear status. (e.g. Mortgage, tax liens, insurance liens etc). Examining and insuring the title is very important. Free and clear title is the ideal.
A report that discloses whether there are any competing claims, liens or other problems relating to a property. This must be done before title insurance is issued. Also known as a 'Preliminary Title Report' or 'Prelim.'
A document containing all information pertaining to the title's condition. The information included on this document is: mortgages, liens, easements, covenants, restrictions, and other problems that may be seen.
a key pedestal in your due diligence, it is important for sellers and buyers alike
Title Search
an extensive search of a tract of land beginning with a requested start date until the present
An examination of the public records to determine ownership and encumbrances affecting real property.
A written statement by a title guarantee company that sets forth the condition of title to a specified piece of real estate as of a certain date.
generally another name for a "Title Commitment."
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A document which sets out the current state of title to a property.