Definitions for "Notarization"
The certification of a document, statement, or signature as authentic and true by a public official — known in the United States as a notary public. Applicants in other countries should have their documents certified or notarized in accordance with instructions.
The certification by a Notary Public that a person signing a document has been properly identified. Notarization does not certify the content of a document, only validity of signature.
The process of authenticating a signature, the genuineness of a document, or verifying a statement made under oath or affirmation.
The validity of binding business transactions provides that users actually signed the transaction at a specific time. Entrust offers seamless creation and verification of notarized transactions.
Certification of the identity of the party in a transaction based on identifying credentials.
Ensures the validity of binding business transactions by ensuring that the transaction really was signed by the user at a particular time.
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