Definitions for "ESR"
Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate. Blood test that measures how long it takes for erythrocytes
Erthrocyte sedimentation rate.
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate establishes the rate at which the red blood cells settle down (sediment) in the test tube. The higher the ESR value, the more active the arthritic condition.
electron spin resonance. a chronometric dating technique based upon the behavior of electrons in crystals exposed to naturally occurring radioactivity; used to date limestone, coral, shell, teeth, and other materials. Enables trapped electrons within bone and shell to be measured without the heating that thermoluminescence requires.
The abbreviation for "Equivalent Series Resistance." As a crystal unit has a resistive element, this term is required in order to define and quantify that characteristic.
electron spin resonance fluorimetry
See Employment Status Recode
Employment Status Recode. ESR is a variable created from information collected on employment status in the week before the survey. It provides a standardized employment status code for each member of the sample in each survey year.
Employment Support Representative
Environmental and Social Responsibility.
Institute of Environmental Science and Research Ltd, a CRI (NZ)
Hamilton Institute of Environmental Science and Research
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See Raymond.
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East Somerset Railway
An abbreviation for Exhibitor Service Representative. Communicates with customers via telephone, or on a one-to-one basis in clarifying needs and resolving problems.
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Early surrender.
Event Service Routine
Enterprise Service Repository
Environment and Social Responsibility.