Definitions for "EFM"
Eight-to-Fourteen Modulation used to convert eight data bits to fourteen channel bits prior to recording.
ight-to- ourteen odulation used to convert eight data bits to fourteen channel bits prior to recording.
Eight-to-fourteen modulation. A modulation method used by CD, where eight data bits are represented by 14 channel bits. The 8/16 modulation used by DVD is sometimes called EFM plus.
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An electronic fetal monitor (EFM) is a device used to monitor the progress and vital signs of a baby during labour. It records the baby's heartbeat and the woman's contractions.
Electronic fetal monitoring. recording of the baby's heartbeat and the uterine contractions during labor.
Electronic Fetal Monitor. An electronic device that is used to monitor the heart rate of the fetus before delivery.
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Ethernet in the First Mile New Ethernet technology targeted at access networks for copper and fiber media. Draft is under development by the IEEE 802.3ah task force.
Ethernet in the First Mile Alliance
Ethernet in the First Mile (IEEE Std 802.3ah) NG Ethernet Forum
Enhanced Fighter Maneuverability. Aircraft designed with the aim of increasing turn and AoA performance during combat.
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Extramural Fund Management (UCLA)
Enterprise Network A term for a widely dispersed, multifaceted telecommunications network for a particular purpose or organization; a term for all of an organization's telecommunications networking services and equipment.
See Enterprise Firewall Manager.
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Ecclesiastical Full Moon
ELECTRICTY FORWARD MARKET. A brokered over-the-counter market in the UK for short- to medium-term electricity derivative instruments, of which the most widely used is the electricity forward agreement.
Education For Ministry; the popular extension program of the School of Theology.
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Emissions Forecasting Model.