Definitions for "Bloody show"
Keywords:  tinged, mucus, mucous, cervix, dilate
The discharge of the blood-tinged mucous plug. A gelatinous "cork" of mucus seals the opening of the uterus during pregnancy. As the cervix  effaces and dilates before and during labor, blood vessels frequently rupture, tinting the vaginal mucus pink or streaking it with blood. This show usually means that labor will start anywhere between twenty-four hours and several days away. See mucous plug.
A vaginal discharge consisting of blood and mucous. It begins in early labor as the cervix begins to dilate in preparation for birth.
The bloody show is discharge of blood-tinged mucus from the vagina at the onset of labor. !-- ctxt_ad_partner = "2012884650"; ctxt_ad_section = ""; ctxt_ad_bg = ""; ctxt_ad_width = 336; ctxt_ad_height = 280; ctxt_ad_bc = "FFFFFF"; ctxt_ad_cc = "FFFFFF"; ctxt_ad_lc = "666666"; ctxt_ad_tc = "666666"; ctxt_ad_uc = "666666";