Definitions for "docking"
the coming together and joining of two space vehicles. The joining usually is accomplished by bringing special connecting devices, the docking ports, into contact, and fastening the ships together by clamping devices. The docking ports are often fitted so as to allow a passage to be opened between the two space vehciles, and thus to permit transfer of materials or personnel between them.
When two spacecraft connect with each other in orbit.
When one spacecraft attatches itself to something else.
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The tail can be removed to breed requirements by the vet when the pup is four to five day, sold, before it becomes old enough to suffer too greatly from the procedure.
Removing the tail for sanitation purposes.
Process of removing long tails.
Computational exploration of the possible binding modes of a ligand to an enzyme, receptor, or DNA.
The fitting and binding of small molecules (ligands) at the active sites of biomacromolecules (e.g., enzymes and DNA).
Deducting penalties from an employee's wages for tardiness, absence, spoilage, etc.. Informational picketing - Picketing to publicize either the existence of a labor dispute or information concerning the dispute.
Between men, this means placing your cock inside the raised foreskin of your partner, usually while he is semi hard or soft. For a woman, the cock is manipulated inside the hood of the clitoris. To reduce any risk the 'docker' could use a condom.
slipping one partner's foreskin over the glans penis of another.
Insertion of the penis into the foreskin of another man. Doggie Style
Amputation of the dock for the sake of appearance. (Illegal in the UK)
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a act of securing an arriving vessel with ropes or anchors.
the act of securing an arriving vessel with ropes