Definitions for "Disc-At-Once"
Keywords:  laser, once, gaps, cdrecorders, track
Refers to the ability of certain CD-Recorders to record a CD-R or CD-RW disc in one continuous operation. This is necessary to avoid glitches when playing recordable audio discs.
A method of single-session recording in which the entire CD is written, from start to finish, without stopping the laser. The table of contents and Lead-in area are written initially, so this data must be compiled by the CD recorder software before the operation begins. The Disc-at-Once capability is necessary in order to pre-pare CD masters to submit to a replicator.
In Disc-at-Once mode, the whole disc is written without turning off the recording laser. All of the information to be recorded needs to be staged on the computer's hard disk prior to recording. The mode is especially useful for creating a master disc for subsequent mass production via a replicator since eliminates the linking and run-in and run-out blocks associated with multisession and packet recording modes, which often are interpreted as uncorrectable errors during the mastering process. It requires the pre-mastering software to send a "cue sheet" to the CD-R/DVD-R drive that describes the disc layout.