Definitions for "Diachronic"
Dealing with phenomena (for example, spelling or grammar rules) as they change over a period of time. Roughly equivalent to historical or temporal. It is contrasted with synchronic, the study of a phenomenon as it exists in the present. For example, I can study the development and changes in the poula from the time immediately preceding missionization of Samoa to the present form (diachronic), or I can examine the symbol systems used in the form of the night dances today (synchronic).
referring to phenomena as they change over time; i.e. employing a chronological perspective (cf. synchronic).
(DI·a·CHRON·ic). Refers to changes in phenomena as they occur over time such as in diachronic linguistics. Evolutionary anthropology and historical anthropology are diachronic approaches. See synchronic. iasporá (di·AS·por·a). See Dispersion.
Diachronic: A mirror or lens that reflects or refracts selective wavelengths of light. Typically used in projector light engines to separate the lamps "white" light into red, green, and blue light.