Definitions for "Dangle"
A project task with no predecessor or successor.
An activity in a network which has neither predecessor s nor successor [D03831] PNG An activity or network which has either no predecessor s or no successor s. If neither, referred to as an isolated activity. [D00477] WST
To hang loosely, or with a swinging or jerking motion.
To cause to dangle; to swing, as something suspended loosely; as, to dangle the feet.
hang freely; "the ornaments dangled from the tree"; "The light dropped from the ceiling"
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When a fly has swung around in the current and is directly downstream of the rod it is said to be 'on the dangle'.
A small plastic or metal object which attaches to a badge, using only a single metal ring. This object can symbolize a variety of things, including such items as visitations, callers, special events, etc.
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a Separate Pin
Keywords:  true, terminating, point, line
a line that does not terminate at its true terminating point