Definitions for "Maypole"
Keywords:  pine, pole, merrymakers, tall, wreathed
A tall pole erected in an open place and wreathed with flowers, about which the rustic May-day sports were had.
a high pole painted with spiral stripes of different colors and decked with flowers, set up in an open space for merrymakers to dance around on May Day (May 1)
a vertical pole or post decorated with streamers that can be held by dancers celebrating May Day
Keywords:  demian, tobell, baltimore, denny, welsh
Maypole is a band from Baltimore, Maryland formed in 1969 by Dennis Tobell (also known as Denny Romans and Demian Bell) and Paul Welsh.
Maypole is a Perl framework for MVC-oriented web applications. It is designed to minimize coding requirements for creating simple web interfaces to databases, while remaining flexible enough to support enterprise web applications.