Definitions for "Cru"
Translated from French as 'growth,' cru is generally a vineyard or an estate, typically a superior one. Crus that are classified are known as cru classeé. Additionally, there are Peremier cru, Grand cru, etc...
A French term for ranking a wine's inherent quality, i.e. cru bourgeois, cru classé, premier cru and grand cru.
(France) A term meaning 'growth' which is used in a number of French regions as a means of classifying wines. In Burgundy the best vineyards are Grands Crus, although in Bordeaux the term relates to the châteaux that own the land; they are the Cru Classé estates. In Champagne the term is applied to whole villages.
Cru is a 2005 album by Seu Jorge. This was his second album to be released outside his native Brazil, this first being Carolina. Many of the songs on the album are covers such as "Chatterton", written by Serge Gainsbourg and "Don't" by Leiber & Stoller.
Customer Relations Unit
Context is: patent term. Central Reexamination Unit
is the acronym for Commercial Retail Unit, which denotes the retail space leased to non-anchor tenants. The majority of Cadillac Fairview's CRU tenants are large retailers operating under several different trade names.
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Comité Ré seau des Université s
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Crude bulk drugs-nonsynthesized SOP Soap
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Control Relay, Unlatch
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salted or smoked ham that has been cured but not cooked
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Campus Crusade for Christ
CRU is the world’s largest independent business analysis and consultancy groups focusing on the mining, metals, power, cables, fertilizer and chemical sectors.
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continuous roll update
A hardware component, such as a disk module, that anyone can install or replace.