Definitions for "Crocking"
Keywords:  rub, abrasion, smudges, improper, dye
Removing the crock, or excess coloring, that rubs off of a newly-dyed hide.
The removal of dye from a fabric by rubbing. Crocking can be caused by insufficient dye penetration or fixation, the use of improper dyes or dyeing methods, or insufficient washing and treatment after the dyeing operation. Crocking can occur under dry or wet conditions. Cross section The shape of a fiber when cut perpendicular to its axis. Man-made fiber cross sections vary to produce a wide variety of physical effects such as soil-hiding characteristics, soil releasing, luster, and fineness or coarseness. The most advanced carpet filament cross section is the hollow filament. The most advanced carpet staple cross section is the modified delta. Crushing The collapsing of pile yarns, resulting in carpet matting and loss of resilience. This form of carpet failure usually occurs in the areas of heaviest traffic. It is also called "matting" and "walking out." It can be minimized by the use of more resilient fibers, denser construction, somewhat higher weight and (in cut pile) with higher tuft twist and proper heatsetting.
The removal of excess dyd from a newly-dyed hide.
Any material used in the bottom of containers to provide drainage (i.e. shells, rocks, broken pottery, Styrofoam.).
Frequently used interchangeably with "bleeding." More specifically, crocking refers to the color transfer from one surface to another.