Definitions for "Levelling"
Flattening rolled metal sheet. See roller flattening.
Smoothing out the production schedule by averaging out both the volume and mix of products. Production levelling allows a consistent workflow, reducing the fluctuation of customer demand with the eventual goal of being able to produce any product any day. Levelling is the foundation of a Gemba Production System.
The act of applying a coat which will smooth out a previously rough (orange peel) coat.
The ability of an electroplating solution to produce a surface smoother than that of the substrate.
Migration of dyestuff producing an uniform distribution.
The operation of measuring vertical distances, directly or indirectly, to determine elevations.
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Process of removal of much of a thick tin/lead layer, to leave behind a thin, level, layer.
The procedure to set the balance so the platform is horizontal. This gives the balance a position that is repeatable so the results will be the same if the balance is moved. This is done using levelling feet.
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See resource levelling.
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See "Flow".