Definitions for "condition where there"
a blockage in the temporal artery due to inflammation, cutting off the blood supply to the eye
a blood clot in a deep vein (a vein that accompanies an artery )
a high level of bilirubin in the blood
a river, flow or inundation of liquid mud down a hillside usually as a result of a dual condition of loss of brush cover, and the subsequent accumulation of water on the ground preceded by a period of unusually heavy or sustained rain
a build up of air or stomach contents that cannot be passed through the intestines or expelled by "burping"/ vomiting
a build up of carbon dioxide and a fall in the level of oxygen in the blood
a carbon build up, or track, running from one point to another, acting as an electrical circuit and thereby causing a short circuit
a disturbance of median nerve function in the wrist as the nerve passes through the carpal tunnel
Keywords:  congenital, rigidity, joints
a congenital rigidity of the joints
an affliction due to an abnormal vital function involving any structure, part, or system of a person
a shortage of credit as a result of monetary policy restricting the supply of credit normally through raising interest rates
an excessive menstrual discharge
Keywords:  chest, depression, hollow, lower, part
a hollow depression in the lower part of the chest
Keywords:  iron, stores, increase, general, body
a general increase in iron stores in the body