Definitions for "Blood transfusion"
Introduction of new matching blood into the bloodstream.
the administration of whole blood (cells and plasma) from a compatible donor; a cross-match test is used to determine whether donor and patient's cells are compatible.
the injection of donated blood into the bloodstream of a recipient. One unit of blood is equal to approximately one pint of blood. BUN - Blood urea nitrogen ( BUN) is a waste product usually excreted by your kidneys. BUN values can rise when your kidneys are not working properly or when you are dehydrated.
a medical therapy which is not without risk to the patient
a risky medical procedure, and typing and crossmatching is standard except in emergencies
a type of tissue transplantation and there are risks associated with receiving blood products
Receiving blood or blood products through a blood vessel.
The administration of blood or blood products into a blood vessel.
a procedure in medicine in which blood (usually from another person) is introduced into someone's bloodstream