Definitions for "Common Criteria"
Keywords:  criteria, itsec, tcsec, eal, evaluate
This set of information security criteria is used to evaluate the information security properties of IT products and systems. It was developed and copyright is held by the Common Criteria Project Sponsoring Organizations, made up of member nations as follows: United States (National Institute of Standards and Technology and National Security Agency), France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and Canada. See
Common Criteria (CC) is a program that represents the outcome of a series of efforts to develop criteria for the evaluation of Information Technology Security (ITS) that are broadly useful within the international community.
A multi-national standard for evaluating security products and assigning ratings of trust to them. Itâ€(tm)s short for Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation, and replaces Europeâ€(tm)s ITSEC and the United Statesâ€(tm) TCSEC.