Definitions for "combo"
a small band of jazz musicians.
Group of musicians that varies in size from 3 to less than the size of a big band
A small ensemble, typically referring to groups of three to seven players
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A hybrid form of collecting matchcovers in which a matchcover is saved with another item from the same establishment (i.e., with a swizzle stick, sugar packet, postcard, napkin, etc.) "Combo" is short for combination and the two items (one being a matchcover) must correspond.
a combination of two or more tricks. Combos are created by performing one trick after another. There are two types of combos: linking and continuous.
(combination) a First Day Cover combining a new issue with related stamps or postal stationery.
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Short for combination. Often used in fighting games to chain up moves that would otherwise be inaccessible to the character. For instance, if a kick is immediately followed by a punch, the resulting punch is different from (and often more powerful than) a punch thrown without the preceding kick. FPS First Person Shooter. The view is from the eyes of the character you play, and as the name implies, there are often numerous enemies that you shoot down. Quake III is a typical all-out action FPS. Another meaning of FPS is Frames Per Second, which, while it isn't exclusively related to gaming, is fairly important in an FPS game.
a chained attack pattern that the enemy can do nothing about
a consecutive series of hits (punches/kicks/specialty moves) without your opponent being able to retaliate
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a Tmobile MDA
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a lethal way of inflicting serious damage and an ideal way to end a fight
a reflexive stringing of maneuvers and tends to be highly individual to the fighter who uses it
A term used mainly in fighting games, a string of moves that can be executed in rapid succession. In some games, these cannot be resisted.
a bounce that incorporates other fun things such as a climb and slide, basketball hoops as well as obstacles in the bounce area
A lineman leaving a doubleteam to block another man. Here are two examples of combo blocks.
Blend of two or more rope materials into one cord.
Two (or sometimes more) Radio stations, usually operated by the same owner in the same market.
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a stellar, tight-knit unit that really cooks at Latin night clubs and Hotels in New Jersey and New York
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a great entry solution for the camper who wants economy with style
Allows for the use of two simultaneous functions. Combo cards contain one primary function which knows about the other.
The simultaneous sale (purchase) of a call at one exercise price and purchase (sale) of a put at a lower exercise price.
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a must listen
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a quick and easy screen
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An optical drive that writes CD-R discs; writes CD-RW discs; reads DVD-ROM discs; and reads CD-ROM discs.
When a player mixes up straights and banks while using the same release.