Definitions for "CMG"
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a full service convention and trade show management company. CMG has provided consulting and staffing resources to NASDA in support of the USFES program since 1991 when NASDA decided to join FMI in an annual show.
CMG was founded in 1964 by Bob Collins, Bryan Mills and chairman Doug Gorman – the first letters of their surnames forming the company name. In fact, Bob Collins never actually commenced with the company, his place being taken by Bob Fawcett. CMG traded as CMG - Computer Management Group, leading to the deliberate misconception that this was what the letters CMG stood for.
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See Course Made Good.
Course Made Good. The bearing from the 'active from' position (your starting point) to your present position.
ourse ade ood A common misnomer for Track Made Good. (see TMG)
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Chipotle Mexican Grill
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Control Moment Gyroscopes
Companion of the Most Distinguished Order St Michael and St George