Definitions for "Cingulum"
A distinct girdle or band of color; a raised spiral line as seen on certain univalve shells.
The base of the crown of a tooth.
A prominent girdle around the base of a crown of a tooth just above the alveolus.
(pl. cingula, adj. cingulate) ( Potonié and Kremp, 1955) A thick outer structure of a spore that projects at the equator, but does not extend over the distal or proximal face. Example: Densosporites anulatus. See also: capsula, patina. Circumaperturate (adj.) ( Straka, 1964) Describing a pollen grain with equatorial apertures that are regularly arranged around a circular outline.
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The clitellus of earthworms.
an enlargement or bulge on the lingual aspect of the front teeth
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A 9ft. length of cord used in some traditions for various ritual purposes, such as measuring out the Circle, and spell work.
See Cord