Definitions for "Sulci"
Also called fissures. The grooves that separate the gyri of the cerebral cortex.
Any of the narrow fissures separating the folds of the brain. Reference: B1
shallow grooves separating the ridges of tissue of the cerebral hemispheres
Valleys’ in the surface of the cerebrum.
crevices on the surface of the cerebrum.
Sulci (, Steph. B., Ptol.; , Strabo; , Paus.), was one of the most considerable cities of ancient Sardinia, situated in the southwest corner of the island, on a small island, now called Isola di Sant'Antioco, which is, however, joined to the mainland by a narrow isthmus or neck of sand. Soouth of this isthmus, between the island and the mainland, is an extensive bay, now called the Golfo di Palmas, which was known in ancient times as the Sulcitanus Portus (Ptol.).