Definitions for "Chronograph"
An instrument for measuring or recording intervals of time, upon a revolving drum or strip of paper moved by clockwork. The action of the stylus or pen is controlled by electricity.
A watch equipped with an additional mechanism which permits recording of fractional seconds and elapsed time intervals, as with a stop watch.
A time-measuring instrument, which has a mechanism for recording time spans by means of a seconds (chronograph) hand, normally mounted in the centre of the dial, independent of the time mechanism. Adolphi Nicole invented the chronograph in 1862.
an instrument used to determine the velocity of bullets
a critical piece of safety equipment anywhere paintball is played
a device that uses sensors to measure the velocity (speed) of a paintball leaving the barrel
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A chronoscope.
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Same as Chronogram, 1.
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a small portable clock that displays the current day, date, month and year