Definitions for "Checkoff"
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the authorized withholding of dues, fees, or other assessments from a union members' wages by an employer for further transmittal to the union.
An arrangement under which an employer deducts from the pay of employees the amount of union dues they owe and turns over the proceeds directly to the treasurer of the union.
A contract provision authorizing an employer to deduct union dues and/or political contributions from a worker' s paycheck and transfer them to the union.
an industry-funded generic marketing and research program designed to increase domestic and/or international demand for an agricultural commodity
In the United States, a checkoff organization collects funds, sometimes called checkoff dollars, from producers of a particular agricultural commodity and uses these funds to promote and do research on the commodity. The organizations must promote their commodity in a generic way, without reference to a particular producer. Checkoff programs attempt to improve the market position of the covered commodity by expanding markets, increasing demand, and developing new uses and markets.
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