Definitions for "Form W-2"
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By January 31 of each year - your employer (even if you don't work there anymore) will provide you with a statement of how much you earned in wages, tips and other compensation from the previous year. This form will reflect state and federal taxes, social security, Medicare wages, and tips withheld. It also includes a lot of other really important information you will need to file your return.
The Wage and Tax Statement is a statement from your employer of wages and other compensation paid to you and taxes withheld from your pay. Form W-2 shows total compensation and the income tax (federal, state, and local), Social Security tax, and Medicare tax that were withheld during the year. Other information, such as allocated tips and dependent care benefits, is also shown on the Form W-2.
The federal "wage and tax statement" that must be filed with the IRS by an employer for payments made to each employee during a calendar year. Employers also must provide a copy to employees by January 31 of the following reporting year.