Definitions for "Income Withholding"
The mechanism by which an employer withholds an amount from an employee's wages to satisfy the employee's court-ordered child support obligation.
A mandatory procedure, that is part of the support order, where employers make automatic deductions from a parent’s income to pay child support. Also called income assignment or wage withholding.
Withholding from an obligor's income for the purposes of paying a support obligation. "Income" means: any form of monetary payment, including personal earnings; workers' compensation payments; unemployment compensation benefits; pensions; annuities; allowances; private or governmental retirement benefits; disability or sick pay; insurance proceeds; lottery prize awards; federal, state or local government benefits to the extent that the benefits can be withheld or deducted under the law governing the benefits; any form of trust fund or endowment; lump-sum payments; and any other payment in money.