Definitions for "Form W-4"
If you have or had a part-time or summer job, you probably completed this form on your first day of work. This form determines how much of your paycheck is withheld for federal income taxes.
A form that helps an employer determine how much to withhold from an employee's paycheck for federal income tax purposes.
The Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate is used to determine the correct amount of federal income tax an employer needs to withhold from your pay. A Form W-4 must be completed for every employer for whom you work. Form W-4 includes three types of information that an employer will use to calculate federal withholding: (1) whether to withhold at the single rate or at the lower married rate, (2) how many withholding allowances you claimed (each allowance reduces the amount withheld), and (3) whether you want an additional amount withheld.