Definitions for "Campfire"
Keywords:  warmth, outdoor, cook, fun, sing
a fire, not bigger than 1 m in height and 1 m in diameter, built for the purpose of cooking or providing warmth.
A place to enjoy the company of family and friends and cook hot dogs and s'mores, if the fire can be lighted before everyone loses interest in such camaraderie.
an outdoor fire
Song 1: 14; 4: 13] Spelling reduced to CAMPHOR with the passing of time. It is an aromatic substance extracted from Asian camphor trees. It has an overpowering aroma and is said to induce sweating with prolonged exposure.
a beautiful thing just burning naturally
a welcome addition to the social setting, and I have been experimenting the last few years with home made wood burning stoves
a wonderful thing
a great way to close the summer and begin the fall
A ball that falls to the floor in an area that's surrounded by two, three, four or more players. At the instant after the ball hits the floor, it appears as if the players are encircling and staring at a campfire.
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A term often used to classify a cause of a wildfire.
a perfect analogy for how our energy levels and metabolisms work
a piece of virtual architecture which creates a sense of home, but with invisible walls, to the people that is sitting around it
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a necessary part of camping