Definitions for "Sweating"
Method of dewoolling skins dependent on induced bacterial degradation to loosen the wool within the skin.
A process for loosening the hair or wool on a hide or skin by hanging the pieces near together in a close atmosphere, thus encouraging bacterial action. It has now become comparatively rare, being confined to out of the way places or primitive industries, and to a few special trades like that centering about Mazamet in France.
the process of the sweat glands of the skin secreting a salty fluid; "perspiration is a homeostatic process"
Slang term for soldering. Also formation of condensation on the outside of pipes or toilet tanks.
A form of soldering in which the solder alone holds two pieces of metal together. It differs from soldering in that the metal work piece is reheated after the solder has been flowed into the joint.
A word used to describe moisture collection on a line or coil that is operating below the dew point temperature of the air.
See Exudation.
Exudation of small drops of liquid, usually a plasticizer or softener, on the surface of a plastic part.
procedure in which coins are placed in a bag and shaken vigorously to knock off small pieces of metal. Later these bits of metal are gathered and sold, producing a profit as the coins are returned to circulation at face value. Mainly employed with gold coins, leaving their surfaces peppered with tiny nicks. tab toning Term to describe the toning often seen on commemorative coins which were sold in cardboard holders with a round tab. Coins toned in these holders have a circle in the center and are said to have tab toning.
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This describes the condition of a coating becoming more or less glossy again after being dull-rubbed. Rubbing the coating before it is sufficiently dry can cause this condition.
a. & n. from Sweat, v.