Definitions for "Calorie"
The unit of heat according to the French standard; the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram (sometimes, one gram) of water one degree centigrade, or from 0° to 1°. Compare the English standard unit, Foot pound.
A unit for the measurement of heat. The heat-producing, or energy-producing, value of foods is measured in calories. A true calorie is such a small unit that 1,000 calories—a kilocalorie—is usually referred to as a calorie when discussing caloric values of food.
Energy Needed to Heat 1 Gram of Water 1 Degree Centigrade
an EnergyMeasure Candela SI LuminosityIntensityMeasure
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Ingestion SARA
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a mathematical calculation to determine how long it takes to melt a ton of ice
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1000 (technical) calories
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is equal to 1000 calories