Definitions for "CTE"
Coefficient of thermal expansion. The measure of the amount a material changes in any axis per degree of temperature change.
Coefficient Of Linear Thermal Expansion The fractional change in length of a material for a unit change in temperature. Measured in inch/inch/°F or cm/cm/°C.
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: Measures dimensional change of a material when heated or cooled. Measured in inches per inch per degree.
continuous tractive effort
Controlled Tractive Effort. A computer software package that gives the crew the ability to reduce the tractive effort of a locomotive for use in distributed power situations. The reduced tractive effort reduces the possibility of the helpers from pushing to hard and derailing the train.
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Centro Trentino Esposizioni
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Committee on Trade and Environment (WTO)
Charge transfer efficiency. The efficiency with which a CCD transfers the electronic charge pattern generated by incident light across its surface and into its output register for read-out.
Charge Transfer Efficiency, ratio of charge remaining after one pixel clocking to the charge before clocking.
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Career & Technical Education
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Easy:Column fails within 10 light taps from the wrist
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Call tracking event stream.